How to use high quality alcohol swabs

High-quality alcohol swab exporter is mainly composed of ethanol. In daily life, some people often use medical alcohol to scrub wounds to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

The reason why 75% of alcohol can be sterilized is that it has a large penetrating ability, can penetrate into the bacteria, solidify the bacterial protein, and kill the bacteria. If the concentration of alcohol is too large, the protein on the surface of the bacteria will solidify, resulting in the formation of a hard film. This hard film has a protective effect on bacteria and prevents further penetration of alcohol. Therefore, the disinfection effect of concentrated alcohol is not as good as diluted alcohol.

High-quality alcohol swab supplier Product performance structure and composition Cotton stalks are made of bamboo, wood or plastic, and cotton heads are made of medical absorbent cotton. The absorbent cotton used for disinfecting cotton swabs should meet the requirements of YY0330-2002. The compound iodine or iodine or alcohol used for disinfecting cotton swabs should have disinfection function and obtain the sanitation permit approval issued by the relevant administrative department. The static force between the cotton head and cotton stalk shall not be less than 5N. The compound iodine content of each sterilized cotton swab should be not less than 0.15g. The initial number of contaminated bacteria in disinfected cotton swabs should be ≤100cfu / g, and no pathogenic bacteria should be detected.
High-quality alcohol swab factory product scope It is used for skin and wound cleaning and