There are many types of surgical tapes

Surgical tape should be classified according to the materials that make up the tape itself and the quality of the adhesive used, and these materials should be hypoallergenic.

The most common types are fragile tape (such as easily tearable paper) or tear-resistant (usually fabric or plastic), some of which may be waterproof or breathable, or both waterproof and partially porous, limiting The passage of air and moisture. The bandage should have proper adhesion, breathability, impermeability, easy removal and no irritation to the skin, resistance to extreme temperatures, resistance to aging and solar radiation. PE tape, silk tape medical surgical tape should meet the requirements of internationally recognized standards.

The most common choices for general-purpose surgical tape dressings sold today include:
Roll or pre-cut and individually packaged
Clear, white or "skin" color (though that color can be difficult to adapt to certain types of skin, especially non-European skin), rigid or expandable/elastic, can fix the dressing in place, or bend next to bone and joints, Waterproof or