Absorbent Underpad

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Personal Care High Absorbent Blue Hospital Medical Disposable Adult Underpad. Be suitable for baby's care, pet, incontenence people, patients, postpartum women etc.



Non-Woven fabrics, FULLF, SAP, PE Film.

1) Nonwoven top sheet. Soft breathable nonwoven top-sheet keeps dry and natural.

2) Super absorption. Adopt the imported wood pulp,adding the antibacterial SAP to make pad to have supper absorption.

3) Prevent leak with the classic PE back sheet, prevent fluid leakage.

4) Diamond-embossed pattern for pad stability and utilization


Size:17" X 24"(43X60cm), 23" X 24"(60X60cm), 23" X 36" (60X90cm), 30" X 30"(75X75cm), 30" X 36" (75X90cm), customized.

The usually package of underpad is 10 pcs/bags,10bags/bale, or as your request.

Blank PE bag or printed package.

Layers can be customized.



* Soft and Easy Breathing

* Direct manufacturers to guarantee reasonable price and excellent quality.

* Nose bar can be adaptable,comfortable,without glass fibres, latex free.

* Low breathing resistance for increased wearer comfort, free from foreign smell,without any stimulating feeling.

* Muti layers design to successfully prevent dust and bacteria.