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Medical Bandage

Medical bandage is composed of elastic bandage , tubular bandage , bandage stockinett , high elastic bandage , orthopaedic padding , POP bandage , PBT bandage , EAB etc. It can wrap the body very well ,give enough support , it’s super good medical material to cure people The smothering of the bandings are used with a dressing. New selling medical supplies orthopaedic polyester bandage fiberglass casting tape is one of this products.The dressing is applied directly on a wound, and a bandage used to hold the dressing in place. Other bandages are used without dressings, such as Elastic bandages that are used to reduce swelling or provide support to a sprained ankle. Tight bandages can be used to slow blood flow to an extremity, such as when a leg or arm is bleeding.Bandages are available in a wide range of types, From generic cloth strips to specialized shaped bandages designed for a specific limb or part of the body.