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  • Common Specifications of Gauze Products

Gauze is a cotton fabric with sparse warp and weft. It belongs to the raw material of textile and is a kind of cloth. Generally speaking, medical gauze, also known as degreased gauze, can be used clinically for postoperative incision drainage, plugging, and wound coverage, which is beneficial to the repair of body tissues, so it is widely used in clinical practice. Its main feature is that it is relatively sparse and has obvious grids.


Gauze can be divided into various types according to different classification methods. If it is divided according to the raw materials of yarn, it can be divided into pure cotton gauze, purified fiber gauze and blended gauze. According to different weaving processes, it can be divided into single-layer gauze, double-layer gauze, and multi-layer gauze. And if it is divided according to the color, it can be divided into colored gauze, white gauze, bleached gauze.


Generally, pure cotton gauze is soft but not smooth. Pure cotton gauze tends to burn at one point, and its flame is yellow, and its edges are often soft after burning, and only a few gray-black flocculent ashes are left.


As a common medical product in clinical practice, gauze undoubtedly plays a vital role. Therefore, relevant personnel should pay attention to careful identification when purchasing gauze to ensure that its quality and function can be effectively exerted.