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Medical Gauze

The singular singular singular And absorbency. It does not tend to stick to wounds. We are many different shapes and sizes of medical gauze. It is available in gauze roll,gauze ball,cutting gauze,lap. spondge, etc. ,which can be fit a particular wound The pads of gauze swabs are folded all by machine, pure 100% cotton yarn ensure the product soft and adherent. Superior absorbancy makes the pads perfect for absorbing blood and exudates. In accordance with the customers’ requirements, we can produce differentkinds of pads , such as folded, and unfolded, with x-ray and non x-ray. Surgical towelsas known as OR towel, are made from 100% cotton fabric, fabric clean, reasonable fold, easy to remove. The wholesale wound care home medical supplies Products gre En handy gauze swabs products used in surgery to prevent the blood, exudate, and loss of absorption of drugs used in the affected area.