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Sports Support

Suzhou Sinomed is strictly in accordance with human body engineering, combined sports research department, for sports, leisure sports, such as professional training injury in the process of research and development manufacturing the professional sports gear and tape. According to the human body injury rehabilitation process requirements, to alleviate the pain, secondary recovery for the purpose, research and development made the pertinence rehabilitation gear. The comfortable fabric and the proper tightness make the joints and soft tissues feel comfortable, such as strains, swelling, and pain, and will recover faster under such action. Unique Material is no allergic effect on skin. Easy to wear, suitable for most sports. New and innovative design, soft elastic, and giving flexible support with different tightness. Suitable for avoiding injuries during sports and work. Protect your joints and muscles. Easy to use and easy to wash. The product line includes Shoulder Brace, Lumbar Support, Elbow Brace, Arm Stabilizer, Wrist Brace, Lumbar Support, Thigh Sleeve, Knee Sleeve, Shank