SUZHOU SINOMED CO., LTD is a company specilizing in manufacturing and trading gauze, bandage and adhesive dressing. We have more than 300 employees including 20 R&D staffs. The sales headquarter of the company is located in Suzhou and its manufacturing plant covers an area of 10,000 square meters among which a 1,500 square meters of clean shop is included. Our company is mainly dedicated to R&D, design, manufacture and sales of medical dressing.


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Our products mainly include gauze sponge, gauze roll, lap. sponge, elastic bandage, plaster of paris bandage, tubular bandage, cohesive bandage ,elastic adhesive bandage, zinc oxide plaster, PE tape, non woven tape, silk tape and wound adhesive plaster ,which are widely used in hospitals and daily life. Our company has the ability to offer OEM processing services according to customers' samples. Our company has implemented a strict quality management system (QMS) and has got ISO13485 certification. Our main products have got CE approval of European Union (EU) and FDA registration of USA.

Company News

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