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Heat Sealing Gusseted Rolls

Heat Sealing Gusseted Rolls is also called Sterilized Three-dimensional Roll, Medical Sterilization Three-dimensional Roll. It is used for sterilization in hospital,dental clinic, laboratory,medical device & medical consumable factory, beauty salon and tattoo center. Length of roll can be cut into any size as needed. Rolls also can be customized.


Specification of this [Heat Sealing Gusseted Rolls]

Heat-seal transparent PET/PP film with medical grade paper. Colour-change ink is applicable for steam and EO sterilization. Colour-change is accurate ,clear and no colour fading after sterilization. Width of roll is 75mm-400mm,length is 100m.

OEM available.

Parameters of this [Heat Sealing Gusseted Rolls]
Superiority of this [Heat Sealing Gusseted Rolls]

1. Three independent sealing line technology ensures explosion-proof performance;

2. Excellent anti-bacterial properties, air permeability, anti-bacterial properties and clean opening performance;

3. Transparent PET/PP film with medical grade paper (household paper/imported self-adhesive dialysis paper: 60G / 70G French Arjo paper). Folding the membrane will increase the internal volume.

4. Water-based non-toxic ink printing

5. After STEAM and EO are sterilized, use the color change indicator to clear the color change. The color indicator of formaldehyde (formalin form) can be customized.

7. The length of the roll can be cut into any size as required, and the simple heat sealing machine can quickly and conveniently seal.

8. The shelf life of the product itself is 2 years. After sterilization, the sterile state can be maintained for 180 days. It is recommended to store the product in a clean place with a temperature lower than 25°C and a humidity lower than 60%.

Pictures of this [Heat Sealing Gusseted Rolls]

Heat Sealing Gusseted Rolls


Heat Sealing Gusseted Rolls


Heat Sealing Gusseted Rolls


Heat Sealing Gusseted Rolls